What Is The Purpose Of Public Relations?


Public relations companies essentially make sure that brands have a positive public image across all channels.

In general, the kinds of services you’ll expect to get on offer from top PR companies include:

Media relations- Cultivating and maintaining contacts at target media outlet. Pitching story ideas and sources to those contacts so as to realize press mentions and coverage.
Event marketing- Designing and hosting special events to please consumers and media targets and attain event coverage in desirable outlets.
Social media marketing- Engaging with a community of fans and advocates through active social media participation and community management.

Influencer marketing- Partnering with social media influencers so as to introduce brands to new and engaged audiences. Service usually includes influencer sourcing, content development, and relationship management.
Crisis management and communications- Minimizing damage to a brand’s reputation within the fallout of a crisis or scandal, and dealing to revive brand goodwill within the future .

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Most of the companies, indeed considered top PR firms, will have high expertise in their field. But you have to be sure of that before making a choice. I advise you to check their interaction with customers on social media. You certainly do not want to hire a yes-man. Highly-specialized companies with relevant expertise will speak to you honestly. For instance, they will tell you what is possible and what is less likely to achieve. Check out this point carefully before making a decision.

Strong Connections
You may have understood by now; connections matter a lot in public relations. And do not have a doubt that the top PR firms have strong relationships. They have relationships with journalists, government officials, etc. And when you hire such a company, it means those connections automatically become your connections, as well. That is why check out the links of the PR firms you shortlist.

Correct Background
The last nuance you should check is the background of the company you choose. Let’s say your company operates in a B2B field. It means, no PR company specializing in B2C communications will be able to help you. Even if they are a top PR company. This is why I highly recommend asking the firm what type of companies they support. It is also advisable to ask questions in terms of industry.

What Should You Require From Your Company?
Now that we are done with selecting the best PR company, you should know what to require from them.

You should be firm with requiring regular updates from your hired PR company. In other words, require adequate communication from them. You want to get regular updates from them regarding how your campaign is going on. Also, you should feel that any questions that can pop up in your mind will be responded to in a timely manner. So just make sure the proper communication is in place with the public relations company you choose.


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