If you would like to seem at the traffic to every page within this folder, use the highest Pages report. it’ll show an inventory of pages sorted by traffic (from high to low). But this is often global traffic. Click the Organic Search tab on the Overview report, and you’ll see traffic weakened by 170 countries. You’ll also notice that we plot historic organic traffic estimates on a graph. This shows daily organic website traffic estimates for as far back as mid-2015. It’s fully interactive too. Just roll over the graph to ascertain estimated traffic stats for any date over the years.

Ahrefs’ estimates are supported ranking data from our database of 6.1 BILLION keywords.

This database is updated monthly, including the search volume estimates (check out a couple of fun search stats from last month here). To summarise, Ahrefs tends to underestimate organic unique visitors and pageviews, consistent with our testing. But it doesn’t always underestimates things; it overestimates organic unique visitors roughly 1/4th of the time, and organic pageviews roughly 1/10th of the time.

It’s because we will only estimate website traffic from the 6.1 BILLION keywords we’ve in our database. Sound sort of a lot? it’s , we’ve the most important database of all similar tools on the market.

But even a database of 6.1B keywords isn’t enough to carry every possible search query that one could type into Google. that might be impossible. This is often how all organic traffic estimation tools work, so we’re not alone here. All of them tend to underestimate traffic. The degree to which this happens comes right down to the dimensions of their keywords database; the larger it’s , the more accurate their website traffic estimations are going to be .

This is why it matters that we (Ahrefs) have the most important keywords database on the market. It’s also worth noting that no-one has totally accurate search volume estimations, not even Google. this is often one more reason that our estimates tend to be underestimations. Sometimes, it’s not such a lot about estimating website traffic with insane precision, but rather having the ability to match the relative popularity of two or more sites.

For example, imagine that you simply have an inventory of 1 hundred outreach prospects, and you would like to prioritize your outreach efforts starting with the sites that receive the foremost website traffic . So basically, the upper the correlation, the higher the tool is for comparing two or more sites.

Looking at the Spearman correlation data above, you’ll see that both Ahrefs and SimilarWeb have a robust direct correlation with “real” website traffic . But Ahrefs does trump SimilarWeb, marginally.

This means that ought to you employ our Batch Analysis tool to get domain-level traffic estimates for a bunch of outreach prospects, then sort by traffic (high to low). The website traffic is so important to trace because it allows you to in on key insights that allow you to find out the behavior of your site visitors. once you skills users behave on your site, you’ll start to find out and adapt to what they like, what they’re presumably to click, and therefore the sorts of pages that get the foremost traffic.

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