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After realizing and experiencing the alluring benefits stages of outsourcing, more companies are becoming inclined towards outsourcing software development projects to major offshore destinations. However, having an in-depth knowledge of the software development life cycle becomes a priority task for not only the service provider software development company but also the client to stay a check on the project progress throughout the Software Development New York.

Software development is an intricate process that needs tons of designing, implementation, and testing. You’ll not develop perfect software with full functionality unless it passes all the tests and quality analysis. So, companies should keep a check on SDLC while experiencing software development outsourcing, a corporation. No software is ideal and full functionality unless it overcomes all the tests.

A software development company puts particular emphasis on SDLC to supply the leading practical, functional, and mission-critical software, which will help one’s business at the end of the day. The software development life cycle (SDLC) may be a pre-set framework that’s employed by all software development companies through understanding and developing effective information systems and Software Development New York.

Though the software development life cycle can have many versions and every version carries its plus points and minus points, but all versions have the same steps or activities that are discussed below.


First of all, the project is checked for its feasibility if it should get the go-ahead. If the project is to proceed, then a project plan is assumed out alongside the budget estimates for future stages of development.

Requirement Analysis and style

After testing the feasibility of the project, the system, or software requirements are gathered. Business analysts perform a radical study and analysis of the business needs of the organization and, therefore, the market trends. Necessary changes are proposed. From interface design to data design, every program is discussed during this stage to stay the software of high-level design.

This phase considers the general structure of the software and defines the strategy for its Software Development New York. That’s requirement analysis and style phase is believed to be the foremost critical a part of the software development life cycle. Any flaw during this phase may prove very expensive for further stages of the life cycle. In simple words, this phase considers the logic of the merchandise.

Code generation and implementation

This phase involves the code translation of the well-thought design. Desired programs are created employing a conventional programing language and with the assistance of programming tools like Compilers, Interpreters, Debuggers. The code is generated using various high-level programming languages like C, C++, Pascal, Java, etc.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Apart from requirement analysis, testing is another crucial stage of SDLC that decides the effectiveness and functionality of the merchandise. This phase unravels the bugs and errors of the system. Initially, the individual modules of programs are tested separately, which is followed by testing of the system as an entire Software Development New York. The system testing includes the mixing testing to see whether the interfaces between modules are working correctly, Volume testing to make sure the potential of the system to figure on an intended platform with the expected load of knowledge, and acceptance testing to see whether the system does what the user needs.

Maintenance and Support

Software system maintenance is an inevitable need. It undergoes various changes once it’s delivered to the client. Software development should be flexible enough to teach required changes with time and consistent with changing business needs. Inevitably the system will need maintenance. The software may undergo particular changes once it’s delivered to the customer. There are many reasons for the difference. The difference could happen due to some unexpected input values into the system Software Development New York.

Additionally, the changes within the system could directly affect the software operations. Therefore, the software should be developed to accommodate changes that would happen during the post-implementation period. Each and each stage of SDLC carries its importance and plays a vital role in the success of project Software Development New York.

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