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Point of Sale System | Reasons You Need a POS System


If you’ve got employees, you’re hospitable theft, sweet-hearting, and careless mistakes. you would like some extent of the sale system to manage your employees, enforce your policies, and ensure that your money gets to you. Pricing and Math Error- it’s still amazing what percentage restaurants still use a calculator and handwritten tickets. consistent with studies done by various institutions, you’re hospitable math and pricing mistakes totaling in more than 1% of your annual volume. during a restaurant doing as little as $1,300 per day that might add up to $4,700 per annum. (Less than the worth of our 2-terminal Sweet Deal Package) To eliminate pricing and math errors, you would like point of sale system.

Time attending.

Employee payroll is one of the foremost overlooked and most easily managed portions of your profit and loss statement. If you’ve got 12 employees and every one of the clocks in 5 minutes early each day, that equates to 1 hour per day of additional payroll. Even with wage plus benefits, this might add up to $6 – $8 per day or over $2,900 per annum. This figure doesn’t take into consideration the entire person-hours it takes to compute time cards then report on the hours worked for every employee. This is often time that you only might be spending elsewhere. If you’ve got a couple of as five employees, you would like point of sale system.

Reducing Theft.

This is the first reason for the invention of the register back within the late 1800s. Even when most of the companies were family-owned and run, there was a requirement for a record of scaling back theft. In today’s world of hiring employees to assist staff and manage your store, there’s an even greater need for this sort of control. For years we’ve known about the tendencies of individuals concerning a theft. 10% of the people wouldn’t steal if giving a chance . 10 you look after the people are getting to take regardless of what safeguards are in situ. 80% of the people will steal if given a chance. The point of sale system is put in situ to protect against 80% and make it harder for them to take from you.

Speed of Service.

There is just one thing we will consider, which will drive customers away faster than bad food, which is slow service. When a customer places their order, their internal clock is running in overdrive. Regardless of how long they took to seem over the menu and to put their order, once they need to be given your server or cashier their order, their hunger clock is speeding along faster than a lover on high! You would like a quick, reliable thanks to getting orders into your point of sale system.

This should mean a terminal that’s fast, easy to know, and quick to reply to the touch of the server, cashier, or bartender. The system should also distribute the order properly to the kitchen prep station or bar. Your point of sale system should also measure your speed of service and report on how you’re doing. Reducing the time it takes to urge your customer’s food is critical and may even structure for fewer quality.

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