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POS system compliance requires that you simply suit a checklist of requirements designed to make sure sellers. And organizations process cardholder data safely and securely to stop fraud or data breaches. Which is clearly important, but all the wants can make it seem pretty daunting. When choosing some extent of sale for little business, you actually want to form sure it’s PCI compliant. However, simply because your POS software or payment processor is PCI compliant. It doesn’t guarantee that you simply are as a seller.

 For instance, imagine you get a PCI-compliant POS system. And the card terminal. you would possibly think you’re good to travel, however. PCI compliance is about your entire payment ecosystem. How secure is your Wi-Fi network? Where does one store customer data? (Hint: Keeping Mastercard info during a spreadsheet doesn’t pass muster.) If your whole payments system doesn’t meet PCI-compliance requirements, then you’re not actually PCI compliant. 

What is cloud POS?

It’s especially tricky because PCI rules can change. So with traditional POS systems, you would possibly get to manually update the software, payment terminal. Wi-Fi, or other systems in your environment to stay them compliant. Fortunately, if you employ Square as your small business POS, we’ve got you covered. Since we offer the entire payment environment, we make PCI compliance simple. Basically, we offer an integrated solution across payments, hardware, software, and customer data.

We use end-to-end encryption so your customers’ data is safe from the instant the cardboard touches our system. And since we push updates over the cloud, if the PCI checklist change.  You usually have the present version and may rest easy knowing you’re compliant. You’ll learn more about PCI compliance and the way Square uses industry-leading PCI standards here. A cloud POS system may be a web-based point-of-sale system that allows you to process payments through the web — without clunky. And expensive servers or pricy software that creates you purchase a replacement version to upgrade.

What does “cloud POS” mean?

Cloud-based point-of-sale systems process all payment transactions and updates online, instead of on your local computer. With Square’s cloud POS system, your transaction and sales history are securely stored within the cloud, too. Instead of being tied to a countertop setup sort of a traditional POS running on a personal computer, cloud POS systems can run on any device — including tablets and smartphones. 

This is often ideal for mobile businesses (like food trucks and residential repair services). It’s also good for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to make a cleaner, more modern register and speed up lines by taking payments from multiple points. Additionally to creating sales anywhere from any device, you’ll also access your point of sale from wherever you’re and manage your business remotely. When utilized in the context of computer software, the word “cloud” is simply a flowery way of claiming“Internet.” Cloud POS system is synonymous with web-based Internet software.

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