Company Culture in San Diego


At WB Games San Diego , we’ll bring a number of the foremost iconic characters and stories to life in free-to-play games. We are committed to making fun and interesting games for our fans. WB Games features a growing portfolio of hits and that we still expand by adding great people and leveraging the simplest roster of brands and property within the industry.

Warner Bros may be a global leader altogether sorts of entertainment, from movie and television screens to mobile devices, store shelves and beyond. We work, grow and make world class content in one among the most important , busiest studio lots within the industry, also as at countless studios, sets and offices round the globe. We are home to the foremost beloved characters, franchises, heroes and wizards within the world, and to a various and inclusive workforce of thousands that brings those brands to life a day . We are fans of what we make and pleased with what we do. From promoting WB Animation’s Women’s Superpower Movements to our efforts in sponsoring STEM scholarships through UCLA, WB is committed to empowering youth and our employees through numerous programs so as to still cultivate and expand our teams’ successes.

The foundation of WB Games continues to be our great studios and artistic leaders. This organization has been designed to supply our studios with the support, inspiration and tools needed to make the industry’s best games. Through a various , creative and nurturing environment, WB Games has been liable for multiple hit franchises, the LEGO games franchise, Game of Thrones Conquest, the Batman: Arkham franchise, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and lots of more.

GameYan Animation Company was established in 2004. It consists of a group of Yantram Studio, which is running Movie Production and Game Development Company India and the USA. And its staff fulfilled 11 years of experience with 45+ resources and so far delivered 4000+ tasks in 33 Countries. They help you achieve your goals at GameYan Studio by considering your concept and approaching the audience.

Big Fish Games was founded in 2002, and it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with the office in Oakland, California. It is a world-class publisher and creative developer of a range of common game franchise portfolios. It serves millions of fans daily and produces games connect, play, and compete on any device. It’s motivated by people making and playing games.

APPSTIRR was created in 2019, and it is headquartered in New York, US. It (Labstirr LLC) is a widespread specialist in the design and development of mobile applications. It makes robust mobile apps and games across multiple mediums like iOS and Android for companies and startups. It also provides the highest-end web solutions to help companies realize their genuine potential in the digital industry an.

Velan Studios was founded in 2016, and it is located in New York, US. It is an independent game development company consisting of a dedicated team of members of the game industry. The mission of this company is to search for the magic to build successful game experiences. The team members have produced, developed and contributed to a variety of franchises, including Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, Guitar .

Grunka Munka Games was founded in February 2016 as an independent video game studio. It is located in Seattle, CA. After gaining the attention, the Seattle AIE sponsored it as their first formed company located in the United States. In March of 2018, Nintendo of America gave it a formal approval to improve Collidalot for the Switch and is encouraged to be released on the platform.

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