After Small Kitchen Remodels


Whether it’s a coat of paint on the cupboards or an entire re-haul, there are always belongings you can do to enhance your kitchen. We hope these 11 impressive small kitchen remodels inspire you to ascertain the potential—instead of the limitations—of your space. Joanna embraced a tuxedo search for her small kitchen remodel, with black shaker cabinets, Polycor Georgia Marble counter tops, and brass accents to bring the entire room together. The pop of blue on the ground comes from H-shaped geometric tiles from Chaine Homme, an homage to Joanna’s late grandfather, Harvey.

With a touch (okay, a lot) of BEHR paint and an eye fixed for functional details, Christina totally transformed this camper’s kitchen into a very cheery space. We especially love the vintage-inspired mint green lower cabinets, also because the cute little shelf under the sink.

This kitchen came to life with Semihandmade cabinetry and tasteful touches like open shelving and a newly centered sink. the previous drop ceiling was evened bent enlarge the space, while subway tiles extend all the high for endless , finished look. The result’s a fresh combat a formerly drab space, with every detail perfectly chosen to enrich the finished product.

Three days later, this kitchen is certainly changed for the better! Jess spray-painted the oak cabinets with PPG paint and added faux shiplap to the peninsula. the ultimate touch was painting the backsplash white and adding in some new lighting, with an outcome that appears love it took tons longer than it actually did.

The idea of an open shelve can also be a good option for those on a tighter budget or a small kitchen. You should consider the amount of space an open shelve can provide for your kitchen. Upper cabinets can take up a larger area of the room, whereas open shelves can create display space and make even the smallest kitchen feel more significant.

It is recommended that you install the shelves at the standard upper-cabinet height. Your lowest shelf should be around 18 inches above your counter. This will both create the feeling of a full-blown cabinet, while keeping the occupied area minimum.

Flairs on your countertop
You might be shocked at how much a simple countertop change can alter your kitchen’s overall design kitchen. If you do not have the comfort of starting from scratch, or just want to freshen things up a bit, try adding a simple granite countertop to your kitchen. You will be amazed at how great of a focal point this granite top will be in your kitchen.

New Appliances
If you have some extra cash to spend, and have been using your current kitchen appliances for a long time, it might be a good time to add new ones. Every year more modern kitchen hardware comes out with better energy efficiency and design. If you have renovated your kitchen with new tiles and fresh, bright paint, it would be better to add brand spanking new hardware to go along with the clean look.

Energy-efficient is the new word on the block, and everyone wants a piece of it. What is the reason you might ask? Well, a couple of things come to mind when thinking about energy-efficient appliances. Firstly, eco-friendly hardware that will not consume more energy than it should, helping you do your part in saving the planet. Secondly, you will be saving your pockets from spending more money than they should.

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